09.06.2023 - khaled mouhoubi
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08.06.2023 - Winola
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08.06.2023 - Jeffery Luke (Wizardlarry.wixsite.com/wizardlarry)
Crypto Asset Recovery

I am aware that there are numerous ways that the last few days' internet investing and scamming may have gone awry. I was in your position when I purchased in a phoney binary option and lost $48,000 in Bitcoin, but Wizardlarry@mail.com was able to help. They helped me get my stolen Bitcoin back. Though they were recommended to me by a buddy whom I highly trust, at first I didn't trust them. Within two weeks, I was able to receive my reimbursement. Wizard Larry can be reached via email at Wizardlarry@mail.com or online at Wizardlarry.wixsite.com/wizardlarry He can be reached on WhatsApp at +4 366-493-1183-78.

06.06.2023 - Jonathan Anders
All of these brokers and account managers should be avoided at all costs. They took over $80,000 of investment capital from me, and they persisted in asking for additional monies before approving and processing my withdrawal request. In the end, I lost all I had invested. The customer service staff had rejected every attempt to contact them. Moving on was quite difficult and devastating for me. Thank heavens I listened to a broadcast that explained how scam victims can use Coder Cyber Services to get their money back. After contacting the provided information for advice, I received a response within a short period of time and was asked to provide all pertinent legal information regarding my investment. I immediately followed their instructions accordingly and to my utter astonishment, successfully got my money back. I declared that I would not keep this information to myself but would instead divulge it to the public in order to help all victims of scams recover their lost money. This is a significant victory over this online scammer. Thank you Codercyberservices(@)execs. com for your excellent work on this.

04.06.2023 - Hilary knight
Lost Your Cryptos? You Want To Recover Your Stolen BTC? Contact Recovery Masters

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency scams are becoming rampant as the day goes by. One should be careful when dealing with people online especially when it has to do with your funds. Getting back your stolen bitcoins is very easy but there are also lots of fraudulent recovery firms out there so you need to be careful not to end up being defrauded again. Recovery Masters are the most trusted and reliable recovery Hackers. They are the best recovery team out there now. They are very fast and efficient in the recovery of your funds. To contact them on email (Recoverymasters@email.cz) or whatsapp +1(551) 202-23-35 You can simply send an email and you will be helped to recover 100% of your lost funds- I was able to recover all of my stolen bitcoins. They provide excellent service.

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